Pikes – “All My Friends Are On P3”


“All My Friends Are On P3” is a bursting, yearning pop anthem from Pikes, the project of Swedish artist Christoffer Ling, featured last year with the track “X-Man-Y.” The track’s title-referencing chorus is supported with shimmering synths and soaring vocals, the “what about me?” echoing playing with infectious appeal. “All My Friends Are On P3” rides on a cloud throughout its duration, with its melodic and bright aesthetic.

Ling explains the lyrical meaning and more behind the track, below:

The title says it all. I wanted to be on Swedish national radio (P3) and I sort of felt frustrated that I wasn’t. It also felt like every time I heard a song on the radio It was a friend of mine who either produced, wrote or sang it.So I did what artists do to maintain their sanity. I wrote a song about it as a joke.I imagine a person sitting infront of the radio (which by the way nobody does in 2019) that had the artists playing on the radio as his or her pretend friends. Then I saw the joker on cinema and I realised how creepy that scenario could potentially be.The irony is that I just got on national radio in Sweden and I seriously thought about rewriting this song when I did so.

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The track is also featured in the genre-based, best-of Spotify compilation Catchy Indie Pop.

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