Posted November 29, 2019 by Mike Mineo in Dream-Pop + Shoegaze

That Gum U Like – “A Shot in a Frame” (feat. Lulu Praxedes)

“A Shot in a Frame” is a gripping track out today from That Gum U Like, a duo from Brazil who have impressed with numerous tracks in the past. With a name inspired by a Twin Peaks quote, That Gum U Like presents Gothic shoe-gazing, showing a darker side of Brazil’s bass-heavy scene. On “A Shot in a Frame,” they invited talented DJ and musician friend, Lulu Praxedes, to make this empowering track.

In integrating dream-pop, shoegaze, and electronic elements, the band again impresses here. “A Shot in a Frame” captivates from the get-go, with warming synths, reflective guitars, and dreamy vocals assembling an irresistible aesthetic. Stuttering synths follow shortly before the percussive expansion at 43 seconds in, gearing seamlessly for the stellar vocal-led hook at 01:16. I’m loving how the track mixes infectious electronic elements with the more atmospheric components of dream-pop, resulting in a release that succeeds atmospherically and melodically, as tends to be the case with releases thus far from That Gum U Like.

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