Posted January 8, 2020 by Mike Mineo in Progressive Rock

Brainsqueezed – “Sailors”

The second album from prog-rockers Brainsqueezed, Scarred expands upon the band’s rock sound displayed on 2015 EP EMOTIONS. Led by French musician Sébastien Laloue, Brainsqueezed captures a sound steeped in dark alternative rock and prog-friendly ambition. The album’s opening cut, “Sailors” is a great display of the band’s knack for structural variety and soaring rock passion. Growing from acoustic-driven guitar movement and rising vocals, “Sailors” becomes an anthemic rocker by the mid-point, especially during the “too many lies,” vocal repetition past the mid-point. The ardent vocal work during the chorus of “Pentothal” is another moment that bears highlighting on the album. Many tracks throughout Scarred show a passionate, convincing rock sound with alt and prog-rock inspiration.

Stream Scarred in full below:

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