Posted January 8, 2020 by Mike Mineo in Tracks

Erich Mrak – “See You In September”

Toronto-based Erich Mrak had a strong 2019, impressing with well-produced tracks like “Drive,” “Fake It,” “Navigate,” and “Riptide.” The latter two tracks capture an atmospheric, nocturnal spirit that is immediately appealing, so it’s enjoyable that Mrak crafted a visual for the two tracks, entitled “See You in September.” With both tracks produced by Bento, the from-the-back camera view and nocturnal sights align with the tracks’ feels nicely.

This starting point to “Navigate” is a spacious, atmospheric success. Alongside his in-house producer Bento, Mrak crafts a hypnotic sound with mellow vocals, led by buzzing bass, melodic vocal snippet samples, and subdued electronics. Anxiety is a lyrical theme throughout, particularly the kind that arises from “never truly knowing what prompts another individual to make decisions.” “Navigate” is certainly an engaging listen with hypnotic appeal.

“Riptide” explores a failing relationship, along with attempts to deal with the reality of happiness fading. The relatively melancholic and subdued tone plays well.

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