Lady in the Microfiche – “No Time (Here is Always Somewhere Else)”


From Lady in the Microfiche, “No Time” is a dreamy track loosely based on the disappearance of performance artist Bas Jan Ader and the documentary ‘Here is Always Somewhere Else.’ The track’s music video is easily among the most striking I’ve seen recently, with a consuming meshing of past and present via collage animation, created by Mexico City-based artist SESIUS. The video’s main figure repeats his steps through a cycle of surreal landscapes that are subtly disintegrating. The video evokes feelings of adventure though also gradual loss via the fog and generally mysterious allure. Musically, the various vocal layers mesh with blooping synths to create a melodic, lush feel.

The project, formed by Ellen Warkentine and NatureboyRD in 2017, continue to impress with tracks like this and others on their recent EP.

Mike Mineo

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