Posted January 27, 2020 by Mike Mineo in Dream-Pop + Shoegaze

Premiere: Meltway – “From Blue”

“From Blue” is a dreamy, hypnotic track from Meltway. The band produces a textured rock sound steeped in shoegaze and dream-pop elements, evident on the steadily evolving “From Blue.” The track comes via the forthcoming 5-track EP Everytime, out on February 10th. Airy, contemplative vocals are complemented by the warm glow of shoegaze-y guitars and a driving rhythmic allure. 03:48 in particular is a beautiful, soaring moment with wordless backing vocals amidst more fervent percussion. Melodic, clanging guitars soon follow, helping guide this engrossing track to its satisfying conclusion.

“I’ve always loved listening to records that hold onto a vibe – like really holds onto it; from the very beginning of a song to the very end,” says the band’s singer/songwriter Mathias Hammerstrøm. “It’s like you’re under a spell or something, and it’s an entrancing feeling, to get lost for a while – we’ve attempted to structure our songs this way on the EP.”

This track is featured on the ‘Best of January 2020’ playlist.

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