The Most Easiest and Effective Tips to Pass Microsoft MS-200 Exam: Guides, Practice, Exam Dumps

If you have been overseeing and dealing with a certain company’s computer infrastructure for a long time, then you might as well level up your game and be a certified administrator. You can choose to step up and be a recognized Microsoft 365 Certified: Messaging Administrator Associate just by taking and passing two exams issued by Microsoft namely, the MS-200 and MS-201. Once you become one of Microsoft’s certified Administrator Associate, there’s surely a lot in store for you.

What Is Messaging Administrator?

Before delving about the exam overview, here’s brief information on what Messaging Administrators do. These are the people who are tasked in deploying, configuring, managing, troubleshooting, and monitoring the following: 

  • Receipts and devices.
  • Permissions and organizational settings.
  • Mail protection and messaging environment.
  • Mail flow topology.
  • Public folders (on-premises and cloud enterprise environment).

They also run all aspects involving message infrastructure, the configuration of a hybrid type, different disaster recoveries, client access, and such. In addition, these specialists coordinate with Security Administrator and Microsoft 365 Enterprise Administrator. Together, they createhybrid topologies with a maximum level of security in response to the needs of a modern organization.

Facts about MS-200 Certification Exam

MS-200 exam, also known as “Planning and Configuring a Messaging Platform”, is specifically made for Messaging Administrators. It’s the first exam you need to pass to take the other required exam, which is MS-201. 

Individuals who are planning to take MS-200 should have operational knowledge of authentication types, licensing, and integration with Microsoft 365 applications. The exam measures an individual’s skills in managing modern messaging infrastructure; in managing mail flow topology; and in handling recipients and devices. Each topic is broken down into the following percentages in the exam: 45-50%, 35-40%, and 15-20%, respectively. You will have to pay a registration fee of $165 for this test.

Meanwhile, MS-201, which is known as the “Implementing a Hybrid and Secure Messaging Platform”, measures an individual’s skills in scheduling and implementing a hybrid structure and migration; securing the messaging environment; and supervising organizational settings.

Both MS-200 and MS-201 exams are required to earn the associate certification for Microsoft 365 Certified: Messaging Administrator Associate. 

Are You Ready to Take the Exam?

The IT profession is continually evolving, thus the nonstop competition in various fields. You have to literally beat others in terms of your skills, knowledge, and especially certifications, to survive and continue soaring high in the game. 

This is a reminder for you not to stay very comfortable where you are now. You have to dream higher and lookout for the next step. And that next step for you is to earn reputable certifications and become a recognized administrator. If others made it, you also have what it takes to become one as long as you desire it.

If you’ve made up your mind to pursue the next step of your IT profession, here is some advice that you need to take note of to effectively pass MS-200:

  • Visit the exam provider’s website

Microsoft provides essential details of the exam through their official site. Their website also features other different role-based certifications, and you can check it out by filtering the options according to the technology or job role. For instance, to explore the certification for MS-200, you may choose to click and change the Job role as ‘Messaging Administrator’.

  • Browse over the preparation guide and resources on the internet

If you check out the Microsoft website, you will also see some helpful guides they have prepared for you. These include online learning and/or training courses as well as support forums. Another important feature offered by Microsoft is Exam Replays, which if purchased, are exam vouchers that enable you for one retake of the same exam.

The other Exam Replay with Practice Test provides you with a voucher for still one retake of the test and also another voucher for a Microsoft Official Practice Test. These vouchers are valid only when the certification exam is scheduled and taken within twelve months of purchase. Moreover, there are training courses and certification guides provided for a concise overview of the entire but separately explained Microsoft certifications.

  • Acquire reliable exam dumps

Exam dumps are the easiest way to get a feel of the actual exam because these dumps are literally real exam questions used in previous exams conducted. Plus, exam dumps are incorporated with accurate answers that are verified by IT experts. For sure, you’ll never miss one topic unstudied. 

To obtain these dumps, you can easily access it on the Exam-Labs website. Just go over the various offers available on their website. You may opt to purchase the recently updated MS-200 Premium File that has 106 questions and answers on it for just $29,99. There are also free downloadable exam questions provided for your reference. Take note, Exam-Labs online platform doesn’t offer just exam dumps for MS-200, but also a lot more optional prep material for IT exams. Thus, you can find video courses, study guides and a blog section with the useful information.

  • Practice ‘til you perfect it!

As cliche as it may sound, but yes the key to perfection is practice! Repetition enhances your memory of the topics you learn and also deepens your comprehension of them. Don’t slack off and procrastinate. Schedule your time wisely and study for the exam smartly. Use the VCE Player that helps you open your exam dumps and practice with them unlimited times. Define your weak areas and work on them. Dive into the exam atmosphere and reduce anxiety during a real test. In no time, you will be confident enough to answer and ace MS-200.


All the above-listed materials will certainly help you sharpen your skills. To increase the chances to success in the test you should try all the available quality resources: the guides from the Microsoft official website, exam dumps from Exam-Labs, etc. So, make sure you won’t miss one to acquire and develop the needed skills as a Microsoft Messaging Administrator. And once you complete MS-200, you are bound to the next stage, which is MS-201.

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