3 Best Wired And Wireless Headphones Under $100 In 2020

Usually, you need to pay hundreds of dollars for a premium set of headphones to avoid cheap, plasticky alternatives. If you’re on a budget, don’t worry.

You can still choose from a few affordable yet quality wired and wireless headphones out there. You just need to know where to look. That is where I kick in.

Today, I will review 3 best wired and wireless headphones under $100 in 2020 that I have come across in the market. Without any further ado, let’s jump into the reviews.

Audio-Technica ATH-M40x

If you’re looking for well-balanced over-ear headphones with closed-back, look no further than this pair by Audio-Technica. They’re foldable and wired.

And they’re favorite among users on a budget. They’re Japanese headphones and make the ideal choice for listening to all music genres.

The biggest advantage of these headphones is comfortability. In the beginning, it might not feel like that but over time, you will get used to their design.

They have excellent noise cancellation because they were made for studios among other uses. Thanks to this feature, you can enjoy the music without ambient noise.

If you want durable headphones, this set might be perfect for you.

They have plastic and metal parts but that is not a disadvantage. They’re actually very durable and long-lasting. Their weak point is their foldability.

You need to be careful when folding them. Otherwise, they might break. They feature detachable wires. You can easily replace them when needed.

What I like most about these headphones is the sound quality. It’s well-balanced with an accurate, deep and punchy beat. They’re ideal for all music, especially if you use some equalizing.


  • Perfect for everyday use
  • Comfortable and well-balanced
  • You can fold them to fit your purse/bag
  • They come with two cables
  • Suitable for all music
  • Detachable wires
  • Great sound quality
  • Rich and punchy beat


  • The travel case is sold individually

Marshall Major III Bluetooth

Looking for the best wireless on-ear headphones under $100? If yes, the Marshall Major III Bluetooth is perfect for you. They’re known for their speakers and guitar amps.

If you want superb on-ear headphones with a cool design, buy them today. They have a closed-back, last for 30 hours and you can easily fold them to fit your purse or bag.

You can select between the wired and Bluetooth versions of these headphones. However, in my opinion, Bluetooth makes a better choice because of the comfortable design.

Also, they have a long battery life, so why not? According to users, they feel completely natural on your ears. You will absolutely love their sound quality and built-in microphone.

Another impressive feature that I have to mention is the AUX output. You can plug different headphones in, so two users can listen at the same time without sharing the headphones.

My research says that some of the bass frequencies can be messy. Also, you will notice that the controls for answering calls are flimsy and strange.

The sound quality is excellent as you would expect from this brand. However, what I like most about the Marshall Major III Bluetooth is the bass. It is boosted via the crisp highs and mids.

For style, comfort and power, you should definitely consider these headphones.


  • Excellent sound
  • Long battery life (30 hours)
  • Foldable
  • Sleek design
  • Closed-back design
  • AUX output
  • Great on-ear controls
  • Strong bass
  • Comfortable
  • Crisp and clear highs and mids
  • Good connectivity
  • Sturdy


  • Can distort on deep bass at high volumes
  • You cannot power down your headphones with the connecting cable
  • Not comfortable for everyone

Sennheiser HD 4.40

Sennheiser HD 4.40 represents the best wireless Bluetooth headphones under $100.

This brand has been on the market since 1945. They produce a lot of high-quality good headsets and this model is one of them. They’re over-ear headphones with closed-back.

Just like the previous two headphones I review, the Sennheiser is also foldable and has long battery life. It is estimated at 25 hours. How amazing is that?

If you’re looking for reliable, affordable and powerful headphones, look no further than  Sennheiser. It is like I have saved the best for last.

Their impressive proprietary provides audio clarity and power because this brand rarely makes poor and bad headphones. They’re convenient and lightweight.

As you probably know, closed-back design provides noise isolation which these headphones have. But what they don’t have are noise-canceling capabilities.

You can use your new headphones wireless or wired.

However, in wired mode, the built-in controls don’t function. I said that they’re lightweight which means that plastic is involved in the construction.

However, they’re not flimsy. On the contrary, they’re pretty durable for plastic headphones. If you want a well-balanced sound and brilliant frequency response, this product is your top choice.


  • Sturdy
  • Foldable
  • Lightweight
  • Popular brand
  • Easy to connect
  • Great value for money
  • You can use your headphones wireless or wired
  • They charge very fast
  • Long battery life (25 hours)
  • Incredible sound
  • Affordable


  • Made of plastic but not flimsy
  • No noise-canceling capabilities
  • In wired mode, the built-in controls don’t function
  • Tight-fitted and uncomfortable in the beginning
  • It could use more padding on the top


If you’re looking for wired and wireless headphones for under $100, then the most important thing you should consider is the quality of the sound.

Also, headphones under $100 don’t make the perfect choice for TV, sports, commuting or using them in places where you need noise cancellation.

They’re usually intended for indoor use. You can choose from a few popular yet affordable headphones on the market. They’re usually made by Audio-Technica and Sennheiser. 

Hopefully, my reviews of the 3 best wired and wireless headphones under $100 in 2020 can make things easier for you and help you make the right choice.

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