Posted April 6, 2020 by Mike Mineo in Tracks

Damien McFly – “Vega”

Bustling, anthemic percussion, lively acoustics, and pleasant twinkles give “Vega” an accessible feel to start. The track from Damien McFly satisfies throughout. More solemn, acoustical-accompanied vocals comprise the first series of verses in quality form. An uplifting bridge @ 00:51 exudes a spacious, cathedral-type feel with the organ presence, then expanding into the intro’s twinkling allure. This track certainly touts an expansive, melodically fluttering indie-folk with radio-friendly appeal. The “take me, embrace me, come back now,” acoustical section around 02:25 is a great, emotive moment to lead into a very satisfying conclusion. I’m looking forward to more from McFly.

Mike Mineo

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