Protect Musical Gear with Smart Home Technology

Smart home technology may seem daunting at first; there are so many practical functions inside a home, that it may be difficult to surmise how one could cohesively control everything without hassle. While some homeowners embrace automation to the fullest extent by connecting every function possible to smart home technology, other homeowners opt to pick and choose which functions they’d like technologically aided, and which ones they’d prefer to do the old-fashioned way.

One can certainly enjoy the many benefits of smart home technology by choosing which aspects of their house they’d like to automate, whether it’s the lighting system, home entertainment room, or door locks. This can all help musicians and bands protect their valuable musical gear and equipment. Some areas to consider include:

Smart Locks

One way to take advantage of smart home technology is to use it as a home security tool, specifically by making your locks part of your smart home. Tools like Goji Smart Lock and August Smart Lock allow keyless, smart home-connected encrypted locking technology as opposed to vulnerable traditional locks. Plus, the app lets you control who has access to the lock and view a log of who has entered and exited the door, in addition to whether they unlocked the door from their phone or computer. Operating on 4 AA batteries, August Smart Lock also works when the power or wi-fi is out, with notifications sent to you whenever the battery is running low.

Video Answering System

There are several products that allow homeowners to screen and video chat with visitors at their front door before they answer it. One example is the VTech video doorbell. In addition to providing video chat access via a phone or computer, the video doorbell takes a snapshot of any visitor to your door, so you can know who stopped by while you were sleeping, not home, or jamming out in the garage.

Configurable Lighting

Your home’s lighting can have a significant impact on the mood of you and your guests. Dim lighting has the potential to soothe and relax, while bright yet uneven lighting can provoke anxiety. As a result, lighting can have a major impact on creative flow during a recording or jam session.

To ensure that your home’s lighting is how you want it, with the ability to flexibly adjust it when necessary, configurable lighting technology like Hue Personal Wireless Lighting combines LED light with personalization, which allows users to adjust various shades to fit their mood — from blue/white to yellow/white or any color in the spectrum. Also, the accompanying light software allows you to do things like gradually turn a light on or off, which is ideal for comfortably waking up or dozing off to sleep.

Robotic Cleaners

Instead of hiring a pricey cleaning service, it may be worth considering the one-time cost of a robotic cleaner, like the iRobot Scooba 450, which automatically scrubs hard floors by sweeping, pre-soaking, scrubbing, and then squeegeeing your floors. Smart home tech like this can save you hours of back-breaking work, in addition to doing an all-around better job; the Scooba claims to clean over 99.3% of bacteria.

Bluetooth Showerhead Speakers

This is more of a fun one, but bluetooth showerhead speakers is a great way to get in an energetic spirit during a shower. The Moxie Showerhead Wireless Speaker, for instance, wirelessly connects to your favorite music device so you can listen to your favorite tunes in the shower over a high-quality magnetic speaker, which is located in the center of the showerhead. The speakers easily pop in and out for recharging.

These five ideas are great ways to acquaint yourself with the benefits of smart home technology, while also protecting your instruments and equipment. Whether it’s efficient cleaning, comfortable lighting, or awakening shower karaoke, smart home technology can also make your home living more convenient and fun.

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