Andrew Reed – “Strangers”


Evoking an anthemic ’80s rock feel, “Strangers” is a track with ample charisma from Andrew Reed. The chugging guitars, rousing lead, and synth-laden undercurrent make for a firmly nostalgic sound that would make Bon Jovi proud. And as all ’80s anthems should succeed in their hook, this one does; its “baby, we’re two strangers,” hook plays with convincing allure. A playful guitar solo around 02:30 adds nicely, as well. “Strangers” will no doubt delight fans of ’80s rock.

“Strangers” comes from Reed’s new album As a Bird in the Air….

Reed says the following about the album’s creative process:

“I took a year (2019) to think about things…and go as deep into Life as I could…isolating myself at the cabin…away from social media…going into high vibrational states…the result…a “lightness” came… as a bird of the air. A concept album of songs about human frustrations & dilemmas – love, time, money, relationships, spirituality, loss, lack, longing, loneliness and being wronged… I dedicated myself to art and beauty…and the pursuit of truth… I drifted into states where I could not function well in the world…”

“Strangers” and other memorable tracks released in April can also be streamed on the updating Obscure Sound’s ‘Best of April 2020’ Spotify playlist.

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