Oliver Marson – “To the Nines”


“To the Nines” is the latest from Oliver Marson, who impressed with “Cocaine Romance” last year. The project continues to strut a strong stylistic vigor, again lovably in the realms of The Chameleons UK and John Maus, this time with more emphasis on guitars. I’m reminded of the latter in the initial verses of “To the Nines,” where gliding guitar jangles complement a developing vocal presence — shifting nicely from murky nonchalance into haunting ooh-la-la harmonizing. Guitars, vocals, and synths ascend during the “dressed to the nines,” hookiness throughout the second half, with the guitars especially showing an entrancing melodic pull. Marson continues to impress.

“To the Nines” and other memorable tracks from this month can also be streamed on the updating Obscure Sound’s ‘Best of May 2020’ Spotify playlist.

The track is also featured in the genre-based, best-of Spotify compilation Emerging Indie Rock.

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