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ALLY NINE – “wabi sabi”

Anthemic pop track “wabi sabi” succeeds on excitable production, with punchy vocals and effervescent synths leading the way. The third release from solo artist ALLY NINE, “wabi sabi” grows from lusher, spacey dream-pop segments into an explosively emotive chorus: “You’ve got me feeling some type of way but you’re driving yourself so crazy.” Guitar-laden additions — like upon the “waste more of my time,” line — provide melodic appeal throughout. Aesthetically, there’s a likeness to an act like The 1975 — and I wouldn’t be surprised to see ALLY NINE rise in similarly rocket-speed form. I’m looking forward to what’s next.

The artist writes the following regarding the track and its ethos:

“Wabi Sabi” by definition is a Japanese aesthetic which means to be attracted to things that are broken/imperfect. I used that in relation to how sometimes people are unknowingly always attracting/attracted to people that are broken and unstable into their lives despite knowing they aren’t good for them, we have trouble letting go. This is another song that is super personal but also very relatable as I’ve known a lot of other people that deal with the same sort of situation. Hopefully this can shed light on those that share that bad habit aswell. Self produced, self written, self performed, 100% solo :).

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The track is also featured in the genre-based, best-of Spotify compilation Emerging Indie Pop.

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