Grey Oakes – ‘Introvert’ EP


North Carolina-based artist Grey Oakes impresses with his new Introvert EP, a melodic showing of pop-friendly R&B. Among the EP’s highlights, “Jetta” is an accessible entry point, serving nicely as the opener. Suave guitar licks and yearning vocal layers concoct a smooth aesthetic, with the mellow initial vibe leading nicely into vocal exultation and added guitar twangs. This opener sets a consuming, chilled-out soundscape that eases listeners into the release.

Following “Jetta” is the more expansive pop effort “The Game,” showing a bouncy sound resembling parts Frank Ocean and James Blake. The interweaving vocal layers push forward a catchy, soulful feel, wonderfully punctuated by the guitar line approaching the two-minute mark. “Elon” also catches with pulsing synths that evolve alongside funk-tinged guitars, evolving into a delightful piece of funk-pop. “This song is concept song speaking from Elon Musk’s perspective,” the artist writes. “It is also about a girl I dated who went to “Elon University.”” “Sensitive” is another winner, showing a tender, ballad-forward side. The production here and throughout the EP is accomplished, ranging from funky ballads to pop-forward bounciness.

Stream these tracks and the rest of the Introvert EP below:

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