Mán Cub – “All That to Say”


The first single of the year from Chicago-based artist Mán Cub, “All That to Say” allures with a lovely, nostalgic vein of yearning pop. Lush acoustics and key-laden shimmers concoct a soundscape that’s lush yet bright, with heart-tugging vocals leading the way. The swaying verses become adorned with dreamy backing vocal effects and twangy guitars mid-way through. A guitar solo past the two-minute mark adds an enchanting, warming quality. “All That to Say” is a winner from Mán Cub.

The artist elaborates more on the track’s background and recording process below:

“All That to Say is my first single of 2020. I wrote it at the start of quarantine and produced it during that time. I started the year with a sold out show and plans for tours and festivals. But after quarantine, everything had been cancelled and I was dealing a lot with depression. I realized that sticking to my sadness would ultimately destroy me, so I needed to push through and enjoy the pace that was set by life. Lyrically, the song talks about that despite the mistakes I’ve made in my past, they can’t stop me from living today.”

“After I wrote the lyrics and chords, I went to my friend Nate Barksdale, a talented producer and songwriter in Chicago. We sat down and recorded my guitar and the drum beat. After that, I went home and added the other layers on the tracks. I was really going for a classic style of sound. Not unlike the boleros I grew up listening too as a kid. Mid way through producing I knew that I wanted a ripping guitar solo in track. I went to my old bandmate Danny Kulasik and he laid down the solo you hear on the track. I felt that the smoothness of the song really needed that juxtaposition of a hard solo.”

“All That to Say” and other memorable tracks from this month can also be streamed on the updating Obscure Sound’s ‘Best of September 2020’ Spotify playlist.

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