Premiere: Channel 1 – “Think For Yourself”


Released today, “Think For Yourself” is a hooky track from Channel 1, the project of drummer/songwriter Gil Young. Following years as a “devoted metalhead,” Young explores more pop-focused territory with this project. “Think For Yourself” stands out particularly with a very melodic, woodwind-accompanied chorus — “think for yourself, and go it alone,” — that captures a timely theme. As “rugged individualism” and a false sense of pride form from biased media, wishing to put forth an agenda rather than news, one can lose touch to the outside world and empathy in general. As explained below by Young, the track profiles a person consumed by this fear and anxiety. Jangly verses lead into the replay-inducing chorus, concluding with a lovely la-la-ing amidst lush guitars. “Think For Yourself” is a winner from Channel 1.

“I wrote “Think For Yourself” nearly two years ago, but it feels more relevant today than it did even back then,” Young says. “In writing this song, I tried to reflect our very American desire to be perceived as free-thinkers, as well as explore the vulnerability inherent in that desire. It is a story that’s deeply personal to me, as I’ve watched a close loved one drift further and further into fear and seclusion the more he has invested in the distorted worldview that he sees on TV news.”

Young continues: “‘Think For Yourself’ is about a person who has become totally consumed by the fear and anxiety that is sold to him on the cable news networks which run un-interrupted 24/7 on his TV. Isolated and cut off from outside perspectives, his ability to contextualize his thoughts and feelings totally evaporates, until even his ability to form complex words is lost. It’s a story that I think is more broadly relatable now than ever, as we have all become so dependent on our screens for access to the outside world.”

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