Borito – “My Kind of Love”


A new track from Tel Aviv-based act Borito, “My Kind of Love” is a spirited, melodic rocker with anthemic appeal. Impressing in September with the track “Nice & Easy,” Borito impress strongly again here. “My Kind of Love” grows enjoyably from straight-cutting guitar shimmers and punchy vocals into something expansively satiable, with a second half that’s particularly heavy on atmospheric charm. There, serene key-based enchantments converge with dreamy guitars and vocals for an eerily consuming effect. The track deftly balances immediately infectious rock with more simmering, atmospheric sections, resulting in a ceaselessly exciting success from Borito.

“My Kind of Love” marks the band’s second single from their forthcoming album. The song is written by Yael Copeland and produced by Borito, described as “an indie stadium rock anthem told from a young woman’s perspective.”

The band provides more on the track’s themes below:

“Many times, in pop culture the woman is portrayed as the one who wants a close and meaningful relationship. She wants to be chosen by the man. Even if at times she is portrayed as easy going and free spirited – in the end she is “just like other girls”, longing for commitment and deeper relationships. In “My Kind of Love” the power is in the narrator’s hands; she is honest about her views and is unapologetic. Together with musical themes from the 80’s and a fresh contemporary sound – this is a personal anthem first of all for Yael, and hopefully for other women who can relate to it.”

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