Bear, Man Dangerous – “Slow Violence”


Showing an enjoyable rock sound with a dark sense of nostalgia, “Slow Violence” is a new track from Seattle-based artist Bear, Man Dangerous. Guitar tones reminiscent of ’90s alternative align with a tonally apt vocal lead, parts nonchalance and emotive yearning. A murky wall of guitars past the two-minute mark evolves into a lusher acoustical display, as the vocals re-appear. Flourishes like these maintain a sense of variety, even as the track maintains a sturdy, consistent vein of alternative rock that succeeds.

Another track from Bear, Man Dangerous’ new EP, “Freedom Scientist” is another winner. Twinkling keys throughout lend a wintry feel amidst vocal samples and guitar-based undercurrents, rendering a feel fondly reminiscent of The Walkmen. Both these tracks show the artist’s commendable range and knack for melodies that flow with ingenuity.

Regarding the EP, the artist writes the following:

“These songs are my attempt to synthesize everything going on around me. What do I need to do to take action and do it well? How am I complicit within racist systems? How do you oppose without dehumanizing and surrendering your humanity? Empathy is an act of imagination and faith–how do you imagine more boldly?”

Mike Mineo

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