Posted November 13, 2020 by Mike Mineo in Rock

KEEF – “In This Town”

The bouncy organ-fronted “In This Town” is a catching track out today from KEEF, a band from North West England. ’60s psych-pop and ’90s Brit-pop appear in stylistic spirit, the organ and guitar interplay reflective of the former as the vocals exude a more contemporary, anthemic push. Lyrics initially set a downcast setting, a town down on its luck with polluted air and motivations alike, magnified further by the lockdown.

The track does well in capturing the feel of a small town, stuck in a never-changing state of despair. The haunting “to find another way,” bridge succeeds, specifically, in echoing the sentiment. Vocalist Mike Davies impresses in alternating between more solemn verses and the rising, organ-laden chorus. “The first chorus is a clear stand against the jealous neighbours, the criticism, the abuse, those wobbling the ladder of success hoping for you to fall back down, to fail,” Davies explains. “In This Town” succeeds with its strong thematic approach and melodic engagement.

“In This Town” and other memorable tracks from this month can also be streamed on the updating Obscure Sound’s ‘Best of November 2020’ Spotify playlist.

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