Rare Monk – “Space Song”


Out today from Rare Monk, “Space Song” is a dreamy rocker that copes with concepts of mortality. From the Portland, OR-based band’s upcoming full-length Never Really Over, “Space Song” represents the lead single on the album, whose core is described by Rare Monk as “a central thread of ever present looming dread at the end of the world.” Regarding the track, they explain that “Space Song” is “about trying to come to terms with mortality, losing people to sudden human fragility and ways we get through this.”

“It’s never really over,” the vocals start during the chorus, aided eventually by glistening guitars and lush vocal layering. The chorus itself is beautifully done, bolstered by preceding and subsequent verses that exude a jangly glow. A guitar-focused segment around 02:21 satiates from the rock spectrum. Approaching the three-minute mark, the bright ascension to the chorus plays especially well, engaging with an effervescent pull. “Space Song” is a track that resonates easily after its completion.

Rare Monk continue: “The song itself came out as a sort of comfort zone, a watery drift to melt into when things are hardest. The beauty of the carbon cycle is we always drink those who came and went before, and some (possibly strange individuals) find comfort in this, that nothing is permanently lost, instead transformed for another cycle.”

The band has impressed numerous times in prior years, with tracks like “Underground” and “Happy Haunting.”

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