Feyer – “My Disconnection” (ft. Siege Spitfire)


Its music video releasing today, “My Disconnection” showcases Feyer‘s evolving, catchy sound — spanning here from pulsing pop to bassy hip-hop. The “this is my disconnection,” refrain plays with an infectious familiarity, amidst a series of enjoyably changing parts, structurally. Following an energetic, classical-leaning pop burst at the two-minute mark, a hip-hop section emerges seamlessly. The vocal delivery here from Siege Spitfire meshes with an addictive flow, without departing from the spacey pop feeling of the initial construction. A punchy lead-in around 03:20 evolves with an electro-friendly allure, capping off the exciting “My Disconnection” with satisfying charisma. The NYC-based artist shows well throughout, describing the track as “about the pressures of conformity and divide between what the voice in my head says to do versus what I’m currently doing.”

The music video, by Kurt Vinci of Aqueous Animation, plays excellently. Moments like the pulsing brightness upon the energetic segment at two minutes in, or the spacey backing during the hip-hop push, add with fun and colorful appeal. Check it out above.

Feyer elaborates more on the track below:

“I wrote ‘My Disconnection’ about the pressures that come with conformity and being boxed in, whether it be in social, professional, or creative situations. I began writing this song after being fed up with working a dead-end job. Having put it on hold for a few years, I finally finished the recording, production, and mixing while in quarantine. Like my other songs, I try to ignore the concept of genre and just focus on making it sound the way I want, rather than trying to imitate a particular style. My featured friend Siege Spitfire drives home the idea of finding your own voice and marching to the beat of your own drum. In this track, the concept of disconnection is based on what someone’s own inner monologue is telling them to do to achieve success, versus what they currently have to do in the moment to get by.”

“My Disconnection” and other memorable tracks can also be streamed on the updating Obscure Sound’s ‘Best of November 2020’ Spotify playlist.

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