Starveya – “Let You In”


Twangy and soaring, “Let You In” is a consuming new track from Starveya. The Los Angeles act describe the release as “sort of an anti love song, it is loosely about love and relationships. Not so much about a love lost as it is about a love that never was. Or never was what you thought it to be or dreamt it to be.”

The suave guitar twangs and yearning vocals make for an engaging aesthetic to start, fit for cruising in the desert. “Couldn’t tell a soul what lies within, but somehow I can only let you in,” the vocals rouse, reminiscent of Pink Floyd in this section, chugging along with a psych-friendly allure. The “never felt this way before,” twist — with a touch of synths — shows welcome, enjoyable variation. “Let You In” is a stellar showing in songwriting from Starveya.

“Let You In” and other memorable tracks released in September can also be streamed on the updating Obscure Sound’s ‘Best of September 2020’ Spotify playlist.

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