Take Me With You – “Stranger”


A yearning track with post-punk and new-wave appeal, “Stranger” is consuming effort from Pittsburgh-based act Take Me With You. Plucky strings and whirring synths lead into an enthusiastic vocal lead. A very New Order-esque guitar accompanies, with dashes of synths past the 30-second mark joining with lusher vocals to concoct a memorable hook. The vocals range impressively from haunting retrospection and perked-up hookiness, reminiscent of Kate Bush. The synth-laden drop approaching the two-minute mark leads particularly well into the vocal presence. “Stranger” succeeds with a captivating and melodic sound.

Take Me With You elaborate more on the track below:

“”Stranger” is a song about trying to connect with others in times of global and personal crisis. Written in the fall of 2019, the song was recorded during COVID-19 lockdown, giving special resonance to its depiction of longing across distance. In the words of the blog post-punk.com, “the band’s operatic sound hovers somewhere between romantic New Wave and the mournful cries of Cathy’s ghost howling over the misty moors, but accompanied with plucked violins and shimmering synths over electrofunk drums. It’s at once gentle and fierce; mournful and cautiously optimistic…[the video is] a magnificent, creative testament to the tenacity of artists in lockdown.”

“Stranger” and other memorable tracks from this month can also be streamed on the updating Obscure Sound’s ‘Best of December 2020’ Spotify playlist.

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