Faintlife – “Meltdown”


“Meltdown” is a hypnotic, grooving build-up of a track from Chicago-based trio Faintlife, converging psych-rock and dream-pop leanings. A funk-tinged bass line accompanies glistening guitar effects to establish a glistening feel from the get-go. Past the two-minute mark, a freer bass line and charismatic guitar-based transition provides a delectably melodic moment. Dreamy vocals adorn the section with a gleeful enthusiasm. The track’s buzzing conclusion carries from here, resulting in a fully engrossing ride that starts with a hypnotic builds and ends with culminated satiation.

The track’s music video, created by Raissa Pardini, was filmed in Illinois, Michigan, and North Carolina by the band. Raissa added filming from Scotland. Per the band: “Heavy emphasis on primary color shifting relates well to the bold groove section of the song, which transitions to a resonant, fuzzed out refrain.”

Elaborating further on the track, they write: “The song speaks to the impossible nature of quantifiable love. The first section establishes an intimacy between groove and lyric – bold and confident yet sensitive to the idea of being able to carry the sum affection of another soul in the palm of your hand. Holding something so infinitely abundant and warm would certainly melt me. That moment of realization happens when the song transitions to a fuzzy resonance of refrain, and by the end is effectively melted down.”

“Meltdown” and other memorable tracks from this month can also be streamed on the updating Obscure Sound’s ‘Best of January 2021’ Spotify playlist.

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