NTHNL – “Duality”


NTHNL is the New York-based project of Jake Rudin. The project’s new album, Tranquility Studies (Vol. 1), provides a meditative, hypnotic experience that helps achieve accessing expansive states of mind. Diverse soundscapes range form the lush nature setting of “Surface” to the brassy energy of “Duality.” The latter showcases a slithering sax and backing textural additions, such as bird-chirping and a low-pitched hum. Within the album’s mind-altering concept, “Duality” is apt if you would like to purge yourself of a certain feeling or mindset. Later ushering-in of woodwinds amidst the bird sounds achieve a relaxed, blissful state. This track, and others throughout the release, do a tremendous job in transporting listeners to a new, improved place.

For the remaining tracks, NTHNL’s suggestions are: “To take a trip into unfamiliar territory, check out “Space:Sound.” “Breath” is good for grounding; sync your breathing with the breathing on the track for best results. “Duality” is apt if you would like to purge yourself of a certain feeling or mindset. “Surface” is ideal for deep relaxation or sleep. “36 hZ” will help you to achieve a state of alertness and will help to refresh and clean your mind.”

Stream the album below:

“Duality” and other memorable tracks from this month can also be streamed on the updating Obscure Sound’s ‘Best of January 2021’ Spotify playlist.

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