Glenn Echo – “Hearth”


A new release from Glenn Echo, “Hearth” is a satiating, evolving folk track with string infusions and electronic-minded percussive entries. Brisk acoustics percussive pitter-patter craft an elegant beginning. Caressing vocals follow, driving to an emotive “you are my hearth,” section with tender acoustics and string adornments. The percussive amplifies thereafter, especially upon the soaring vocal work round the three-minute mark, sporting an aesthetic likeness to Andrew Bird. “Hearth” showcases a beautiful, gratifying sound.

The track is the final single from Glenn Echo’s forthcoming EP, Fixed Memory, out early this year. The project is the alias of Brooklyn-based songwriter Matt Gaydar.

Artist description of the track below:

“Balancing the organic and artificial, electronic and acoustic, embracing and yearning, the song focuses itself as a centerpiece and a junction where two places meet. Beginning with braiding melodies and rhythmic pulses, the verses converge with a raw and intimate chorus longing.”

Featuring Matt Gaydar (vocals, guitars, drums, samples), Peter Brownlee (synth, drums), and Katie Martucci (vocals, violin), ‘Hearth’ soothes the push and pull, a reminder to fall back to center.

Cover painting by Rachel Preville

Cover design: Matt Gaydar

Mastered by Sarah Register

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The track is also featured in the genre-based, best-of Spotify compilation Emerging Indie Folk.

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