Posted February 2, 2021 by Mike Mineo in Ambient

Professor Downfall – “Desperation and Nonchalance”

Professor Downfall impresses with two recent EPs, both showing a different tonal approach. EADJ finds success in its more bustling nature. The developing, climatic guitar work throughout “Desperation and Nonchalance” consumes amidst the panting percussion. The subsequent “Prism” also plays with a prickly, bouncy charm. As suggested by the graceful piano tones and acoustic adornments on opener “Sol,” the SOL EP seems more reflective in its demeanor. Darker efforts like “Crucifix Insignia” unfold in a steadier manner, while a the strings and piano on the catching “Cronos” reminds fondly of World’s End Girlfriend. Both EPs are recommended.

The project comes via multi-instrumentalist Che Arthur, guitarist/singer of Pink Avalanche and former guitarist in Atombombpocketknife.

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