Sea Glass – “I Forgot It By Heart”


An upbeat, warming track with jangly guitars and melodic vocal layers, Sea Glass‘ “I Forgot It By Heart” hooks throughout with a breezy charm. The Brooklyn-based multi-instrumentalist and producer features a co-writer/vocalist on each track, with uniquely effective results each time. This particular effort includes vocalist and co-writer Castor Hess, in addition to background vocals from Misty Boyce. Their overlapping vocal layers meshes beautifully with twangy guitars and lushly swaying acoustics, consistently effervescent in tone and demeanor. “I Forgot It By Heart” is a fully pleasurable listen.

Per Sea Glass, “I Forgot It By Heart” is “about time passing and the apathy/lethargy that can set in with so much change going on around us.”

Sea Glass elaborates more on the track below:

“This was the last song I made for my debut EP, Advanced Youth. While working on the music, the nostalgic feel brought me back to my days as a young twenty-something in the 2000’s. I called up my friend Castor Hess and told him I thought he’d appreciate this one, knowing his affinity for the music from that era. I told him that the working title was Advanced Youth and to run with it. He came back with a beautiful musing about where we are today in a way that embodied the angst of the music of the 2000’s we both loved. The lyrics “I forgot it by heart” felt too interesting to not use as the song title.

Entering the music scene in my mid-30’s, rife with responsibility and the sense of that piling on top of me made the phrase “Advanced Youth” the perfect fit for my EP.”

“I Forgot It By Heart” and other memorable tracks from this month can also be streamed on the updating Obscure Sound’s ‘Best of February 2021’ Spotify playlist.

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