The Wormholes – “Temporary Vessel”


Released this week from Charlotte, NC duo The Wormholes, the video for “Temporary Vessel” bolsters the track’s engrossing atmospheric and thematic qualities. Escapism and a feeling of no-way-out, simultaneous participants, are visually conveyed amidst the track’s synth-laden rock sound.

“We wrote and directed the video for “Temporary Vessel” to be more of a short film, with its own entire universe,” the band explains. “It tells the story of a person, stuck in a monotonous tech-driven dystopia, discovering a mysterious cult that claims to offer a way out. ‘Jambus’ (the cult) claims that you can ”transcend your temporary vessel.’ Our protagonist gets mixed up with the Jambus cult and goes on one hell of a journey.”

Showcasing an expansive sound with spacey synths, a lushly hypnotic rhythm section, and lingering guitar tones, “Temporary Vessel” also shows well in its tonal variation — from sparser bass-bouncy moments like 02:30 to the intricately involved expansion about a minute later. They certainly make the most of their arsenal, described as “a guitar, a drum kit, and a series of interconnected synths, amps, and effect/looper pedals.” Vocals emerge at precise points throughout, exuding a calmly melodic allure. “Temporary Vessel” is certainly a strong showing from this rising duo.

Mike Mineo

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