Patrick Ames – “Second Wave”


Suave rocker “Second Wave” is a track from Napa Valley-based singer/songwriter Patrick Ames, channeling a mixture of folk and blues. A melodic, fluttering chorus contrasts enjoyably with the blues-oriented, chugging verses. The title-referencing hook gives off a fun vibe reminiscent of a twangier Talking Heads. The concluding “there’s a rumor out there,” refrain plays with an eerily consuming entrancement. “Second Wave” is a success from Ames, following up recent singles “Revelation 2020,” “You Make Me Scream,” and “Essential Workers.”

Ames says the following about the track:

“This new single is a tale about rumors and viruses. When combined they are lethal: Heavy stuff. Sorry to make you think. But only a small straight-ahead rock combo could beg to do this serious subject justice. It’s been my musical mantra for years: head-hurting serious thoughts with a phat beat.

Second Wave is simple: its the lies and rumors that are causing the virus to spread. It’s the angry people who are spreading it with their rumors. Don’t succumb.

To give it some liveness, I recorded the guitar track in one take. No filters, I just mic’d the studio Marshall amp’s reverb and gain. I sent that to Jon and he gigged with it, and then recorded a fabulous bass arrangement that is this song’s vitality.

The lyrics are straightforward. Who do you believe? What do you trust? This is a new normal where rumors actually kill. Don’t listen, don’t succumb to rumors about the virus out there.

Rave on, brothers and sisters.”

“Second Wave” and other memorable tracks from November can also be streamed on the updating Obscure Sound’s ‘Best of November 2020’ Spotify playlist.

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