Premiere: Sneakers – “New Moon”


A track released today from Sneakers, “New Moon” is a mellow success, traversing with spacey folk qualities and an atmospheric saxophone addition. The lush bridge — “I would like to see you soon, underneath the full moon,” — plays with a yearning, atmospheric pull, like a dreamier, laid-back vein of Echo & the Bunnymen. Songwriters Chris Dent and Nick Raven once again impress, with backing vocals from Ema Barton and saxophone from Matt Bizzle adding nicely.

The track was crafted during living room recording sessions in Auckland, New Zealand, capturing the “highs and lows typical of intimate relationships,” while portraying “resolve and desire.”

The duo has impressed in the past with tracks “Come Around Sundown” and “If You Want Me.”

Mike Mineo

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