Wolves – “are cigarettes a direct link to hell?”


Wolves is a bedroom-pop artist from Michigan, whose 2021 has already bore several consuming tracks. Lush, soulful vibes are apparent throughout, with hypnotic vocals and synth-forward production dazzling. The track “are cigarettes a direct link to hell?” is particularly indicative of the project’s talents. Woozy synths and forlorn vocals engross into the “spinning,” refrain, combining with the meditative synths for a trance-inducing state. Lushly enticing, “are cigarettes a direct link to hell?” is a great place to start with Wolves.

Wolves says the following about “are cigarettes a direct link to hell?”: “This song is about that feeling that overcomes you when you start falling into old habits and you feel like you’re losing your connection to the world/people around you.”

Entangling” is another success, exuding a jazzy feeling with the smoky vocals and mellow key/bass correspondence. The added dose of synths joining with vocal escalation at the one-minute mark, followed by stop/start tendencies of percussion, make for climactic and atmospheric immersion throughout.

Further, “Heavenly Body” — described as “a song about innocent love,” — is ideal for rainy-day introspection, the caressing keys and enveloping vocal repetition being truly hypnotic. The track “Aware” is also nicely demonstrative of the project’s spacious soundscapes and dream-pop inclinations. These efforts all combine to show Wolves as a promising, talented project with a knack for dreamy, meditative soundscapes.

“are cigarettes a direct link to hell?” and other memorable tracks from this month can also be streamed on the updating Obscure Sound’s ‘Best of April 2021’ Spotify playlist.

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