Dexter Dine – “Blood Lily”


A consuming track that swells with psychedelic textures and soaring spirit, “Blood Lily” is a recent release from Dexter Dine, an experimental musician and composer based in Brooklyn. “Blood Lily” comes via newly released album Globe, among the year’s most engrossing releases thus far.

“Blood Lily” assembles via hazy textural pulsations and a plucky bass line initially. Vocals rise amidst percussive pitter-patter, reminding fondly of Avey Tare, tonally. Just past 01:30, backing vocal shrug-like effects mesh with stirring acoustics and marching-band percussion; the effect is melodically hypnotizing. Many tracks throughout Globe captivate with a wholly unique, mesmerizing quality, and “Blood Lily” is a stellar example of such an audible impact.

Dexter Dine is also the music director of the Brooklyn-based dance company Roxy + Company, and is a member of the band Hanging Stills.

Dexter elaborates more on the album, available now, below:

“Written and recorded during mid-2020, the songs on Globe were conceived of with no intention of being performed live. This lack of constraints led to each track becoming a teetering pile of samples scavenged from old improvisations, YouTube tutorials, 1950s nature videos, orchestral drumming – sounds from whatever rabbit hole I fell down that day. Besides some bass and acoustic guitar – as well as the vocals – every sound on Globe is a sample (and oftentimes, even the live instruments I recorded ended up getting sampled and distorted into unrecognizable forms). The album is the result of months spent at home with nothing to do but surf the web and experiment with creating effects and sound worlds on the computer. I wanted to create a surf rock album built from all the junk floating around in the oceans, or a bizarro new age album that would bestow the anxiety and pessimism of modern life upon the listener. The lyrics mostly take the shape of neurotic thoughts and mantras, of conspiracies that float by and disappear into the once-familiar outer world, with the tracks often ending up as vocal-less grooves, looping until they spin out of steam.”

Stream Globe in full below:

“Blood Lily” and other memorable tracks from this month can also be streamed on the updating Obscure Sound’s ‘Best of June 2021’ Spotify playlist.

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