Little Lungs – “Better In Blue”


An enthralling rocker from Little Lungs, “Better In Blue” shows a no-frills, hooky sound from the Baltimore-based quartet. Catching guitars pulse with infectiousness, capped by a steady punctuating twang. The emotive vocals open with the line “‘do you ever think about the past?’ you ask,” — driving to a peppier turn past the one-minute mark, brightening with strong melodic pull. Added guitar emphasis, with a new sequence and heavier distortion, takes place past the two-minute turn, adding a heavier satisfaction to the sound as the track comes to a satiating close.

The band comprises songwriter Leena Rhodes, guitarist Ethan Salem, bassist Jordan Mercer, and drummer/producer Erik Schwarzenberg. Their new EP Better In Blue releases this summer.

Little Lungs provide the following about the track:

“‘Better In Blue’ is a song about growth. It challenges the idea of romanticizing sadness because of the belief that happiness lacks the same substance or sentiment. It is a song about moving past your cyclical bad habits and changing the pattern instead of repeating it. ‘Better In Blue’ combines rollicking bass, pulsating drums and airy, confident guitars that convey a sense of movement and vibrancy.”

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The track is also featured in the genre-based, best-of Spotify compilation Emerging Indie Rock.

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