Mike Gale – “Awake Awake”

Cover artwork by Andy Reaney.

A tropical-sounding slice of breezy pop, “Awake Awake” is a newly released track from Mike Gale. There’s a beach-set charm in the plucky guitars and soaring vocal chants, parts Beach Boys and Vampire Weekend. Lyrics speak to the anxiety-inducing state of information and task overload, the wordless vocal croon in the chorus joining alongside perky instrumentation for effective feelings of escapism. The charming vocal enamoring and laid-back production has me strongly anticipating Gale’s upcoming album Twin Spirit, out on June 18th, marking his 9th solo release.

Look for the track on streaming outlets on June 4th, followed by new album Twin Spirit on June 18th.

Twin Spirit is my 9th solo release,” Gale says. “I wanted to find a new way of writing that excited me again so decided to work with just samples. I played bass on one song but apart from that everything else is a sample I found and manipulated to fit the songs. I found that this offered me a huge amount of freedom to do different styles and sing in different ways. I wasn’t bound by my limitations as a fairly poor musician. It was such a liberating experience for me.”

Mike Mineo

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