Simon Linsteadt – “I Will Never Know”


“I Will Never Know” is a beautiful new track from Simon Linsteadt, an artist based in Midcoast Maine. The singer-songwriter, composer, and multi-instrumentalist shows a lushly entrancing production here, touching on aspects of folk and sophisti-pop. Twinkling synths and a gentle bass line accompany mellow vocals and sporadic guitar pushes, leading to the hooky “darling I will never know,” refrain. The final minute sees a lovely meshing of guitar twangs and twinkling synths alongside whistling, conjuring a supremely melodic effect. “I Will Never Know” charms effortlessly throughout.

“I Will Never Know” comes via the album Gualala, the track being “about escaping out of a skylight to follow a holy ghost through the cosmos, while reminiscing about the highs and lows of a year spent in NYC. The song contains a handful of lyrical references to the ancient Taoist text ‘Zhuangzi’.”

“I Will Never Know” and other memorable tracks from this month can also be streamed on the updating Obscure Sound’s ‘Best of June 2021’ Spotify playlist.

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