springtide – “Standing Out From The Crowd”


Certainly achieving its namesake, “Standing Out From The Crowd” is a creative, infectious entry from Japanese artist springtide. The track comes via springtide’s new EP, Remixed and Reconstructed, providing twists on previously released tracks — in this case, “Distant Thunder, Sunday Morning (Again).” Guitars embrace an entirely new chord progression, with a thumping electro-bass hop accompanying the excitable vocals, touting differently processed pitch. A distorted acoustic guitar leads the solo section enjoyably. “Standing Out From The Crowd” is a clever, creatively produced success from springtide, meshing a catchy rock sound with refreshing electronic components.

The artist expands on the track below:

“This song went as far as possible while retaining the necessity of using the original song as a foundation. Leaving only the vocals from the original song, I played the guitar with a completely different chord progression, and still found a moment of harmony in the song. I adjusted the song based on that moment, and processed the pitch of the vocals drastically, then I was able to see the prototype of a completely different song despite the same lyrics. Based on that framework, I recorded all the instruments and vocals again. The strange sound in the guitar solo is a distorted acoustic guitar. The rest of the electric guitars are T.S factory’s Humanity, and its crisp sound is a perfect match for this song.”

“Standing Out From The Crowd” and other memorable tracks from this month can also be streamed on the updating Obscure Sound’s ‘Best of June 2021’ Spotify playlist.

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