Posted September 17, 2021 by Mike Mineo in Throwback Rock

Dopus Opus – “Speeding By”

California-based duo Dopus Opus show an inventive psych-rock sound throughout their debut album, The Lake Sessions. Among the release’s highlights is the hypnotic “Speeding By.” Twangy guitars and playful keys craft an engaging initial sound, chugging along with a nostalgic contentedness. The track takes a creative turn around the two-minute mark, when the vocals exude a warming, wordless harmonizing following soaring guitar work. “Speeding By” nicely represents the band’s knack for hypnotic songwriting with cohesive structural shifts. Look for similar quality throughout The Lake Sessions, streaming exclusively on Bandcamp.

The band adds the following:

“Growing up, we loved the immersive experience that listening to music could bring. We want our own music to capture some of that spirit and take listeners on a sonic journey. We added “found sounds” and also at times, used the stereo field as our playground. There was laughter and lighthearted fun too. We hope all of that comes through in the music.”

Stream The Lake Sessions in full below:

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