Crawling Vines – “Vinyl on the Floor”


Spanning from shoegaze and funky psychedelia to hard rock, “Vinyl on the Floor” touts an eclectic rock sound, exemplifying the range and heady soundscapes from bedroom recording project Crawling Vines. “What is the recipe, for feeling so good, I don’t know the half of me,” the vocals commence alongside a glistening guitars. A darker guitar tone reflects the vocal melody, expanding with suave hookiness as the vocals ask, “do you feel it climbing up your toes?” And also offering fitting advice, with the track’s hypnotic pull — “Marijuana—Light a second bowl.” Synth-laden flickering in the “501s don’t fit” bridge adds further to the engrossing soundscape, with the song pulling back cohesively to the initial verses for a satisfying finale. In its multiple progressions, “Vinyl on the Floor” flaunts a hypnotic grip.

Crawling Vines says the following about the track’s creative process:

“Using over 50 total stems to make this song, I separated this song into three distinct sections: a 90s shoegaze section; a funky, groovy section; and an experimental, hard rock section. With three distinct parts that complement each other, I hope to gain some attention in the psychedelic scene.”

Stream Crawling Vines’ most recent EP, Ingesting the Dreamfish, below:

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The track is also featured in the genre-based, best-of Spotify compilation Emerging Psychedelic Rock.

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