Jordan Sommerlad – “Stay”


“Stay” is a soaring, melodic success from Jordan Sommerlad, the NYC-based artist who impressed with the track “Hologram” in June. Both these efforts are off his new EP, Stay. The EP’s self-titled track was recorded in Spring of 2020 in “an odd little historic home in Ohio.” Mellow, wordless vocal effects and awakening guitar glistens give way to the caressing lead, soothing with “out of sight, out of mind,” sentiments in gearing to the effervescent chorus. Here, shimmering vocals and delectable guitar twangs lead a lovely hook fit for blue skies. “Stay” marks another success from Sommerlad.

“As a teen, I used to stay up late at night in my room to work on music with my four-track tape recorder. I still do the same thing today, recording here in my apartment. Music has always been therapeutic for me—it’s a way to channel anxiety into something productive,” Sommerlad shares.

Look out for Sommerlad’s upcoming full-length album in November.

“Stay” and other memorable tracks from September can also be streamed on the updating Obscure Sound’s ‘Best of September 2021’ Spotify playlist.

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