Mo Klé – “Parallel Worlds”


“Parallel Worlds” is the title track from Mo Klé‘s new album. The project is fronted by Swiss songwriter René Grünenfelder, who plays a timeless blend of Americana, folk, and rock. Debonair vocals and steady guitars drive to an effervescent rise past the one-minute mark — “in the suburban street, behind the large television screen,” — that captures a feeling of isolated complacency. Further lyrical musings on living in parallel worlds play poignantly, contrasting the disconnection between lives of privileged boredom and oppressive struggle. “Isn’t that strange, I think to myself,” Grünenfelder rings out alongside the organ-laden backing, with a Dylan-esque passion. “Parallel Worlds” is a captivating piece of songwriting from Mo Klé.

“The song aims to reveal how absurd the distance between our own life and the lives of others often seem,” Grünenfelder says. “We go home and watch TV bored from daily life while others are drowning in oceans on their way to a better life.”

Stream the full-length below:

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