Quiet Takes – “Guess Who Showed Up Again”


“Guess Who Showed Up Again” is a soothing, melodic track from Quiet Takes. Fronted by songwriter Sarah Magill, Quiet Takes also entranced in September with “Ghosty Was Here.” These two releases show hypnotic, engrossing soundscapes with vocals that rise seamlessly from whispered restraint to moving ardency. “Guess Who Showed Up Again” rides on a lush bass line and cascading guitars. Magill’s vocals show a suavely sporadic quality at first, with various expressive vocal layers converging as the track progresses. The wordless, ghostly vocal effect in between some spoken sections plays with consuming, chilling qualities, as does the instrumentation bursting around 02:20. “Guess Who Showed Up Again” is another decisive success from Quiet Takes.

Magill has the following to add about the track:

“I made the first draft of “Guess Who Showed Up Again” lyrics straight from my dream journal notes. I have a recurring dream character who will pop up in these kind of swoony, heartening vignettes, usually during periods of creative risk-taking. I’m grateful to whatever subconscious magic is happening in these dreams, and this song is a little love letter to those moments of much-needed, unexpected encouragement, whether they come in REM or real-life.”

Look for Quiet Takes’ Weekly, Weakly EP to release on November 5th, marking the third collaboration between Magill and producer/multi-instrumentalist David Bennett.

“Guess Who Showed Up Again” and other memorable tracks from this month can also be streamed on the updating Obscure Sound’s ‘Best of October 2021’ Spotify playlist.

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