Arn-Identified Flying Objects and Alien Friends – “Empty Days”


Enjoyably representative of the melodic, dynamic songwriting from Arn-Identified Flying Objects and Alien Friends, “Empty Days” comes via the Swedish artist’s recent album, 17 Birds at the Summer’s Gate. An innocent, music box-like progression shows initially, accompanied by twangy guitar plucks. Arne’s vocals usher in solemnly, remarking “I’m left with just empty days,” as a more vibrant vocal cue emerges. The album is abundant with standout hooks, and this track excels in that regard past the one-minute mark. “Watching busy streets below,” the vocals remark amidst expressive guitar tones, in a melodic power-pop vein. The ensuing verses guides seamlessly back into the initial twinkling, the track’s contrast from twinkling quaintness and expansive rock enthralling throughout.

Arne elaborates more on the track, below:

This tune is an odd bird on my double-album (17 Birds at the Summer’s Gate). I usually take pride in writing the lyrics myself, but the heartbreaking words on this one were actually written by Redmoon-drummer Åke Lindgren – who also shares lead vocals with me. (I actually had to convince him to do that!) The track starts with a soft musicbox-tune, like a lullaby, but grows into something else and reaches a kind of mournful climax in the bridge, which is followed by a beautiful solo on slide guitar (played by co-producer David Myhr).

“Empty Days” and other memorable tracks from this month can also be streamed on the updating Obscure Sound’s ‘Best of November 2021’ Spotify playlist.

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