Herman Martinez – “Days Without”


A stirring track from Herman Martinez that evolves from atmospheric folk into an alt-rock fervency, “Days Without” comes from the recent album Continuity Errors. Acoustics and backing keys are joined by increasingly passionate vocals, the steady percussive backbone fading for a lush bridge at the two-minute mark. “Cannot feel the sun, cannot hear the trees,” Martinez sings here, the chilling keys and mysterious yearning sending a haunting effect. The ensuing guitar distortion and percussive re-emergence makes for a climactic conclusion.

“Sirens” is another highlight on the New Jersey-based artist’s album. Haunting dual-vocal layering kicks off “Sirens” with intriguing qualities, bolstered shortly thereafter by jazzy percussion and darkly atmospheric guitars/keys interplaying. Its two-minute turn sees an effective twist with the post-punk guitar brooding and plucky keys, conjuring a sound perfect for autumn/Halloween in its nocturnal tint. The vocal section here reminds fondly of Pearl Jam. In general, there’s a lovely meshing of post-punk and prog-rock that appeals throughout this one, the latter genre evident on sections like the fluttering guitars’ development into ferocious fervor. “Sirens” touts inventive guitar/key interplay and an overall consuming aesthetic throughout.

Stream “Sirens” and Continuity Errors below:

“Days Without” and other memorable tracks from this month can also be streamed on the updating Obscure Sound’s ‘Best of November 2021’ Spotify playlist.

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