5 Hacks for Improving Your Internet Connection

Slow internet is a very common problem that people face these days. We all come across this problem at some point. The main reason why the internet speed is slow is because of many open connections.

Make sure that you get a high-speed internet connection like Spectrum internet to avoid slow speed issues. However, at times due to our own negligence, we face internet speed issues. If we stay active and aware we can avoid internet speed issues. 

The internet speed can be slowed down if the number of open connections on the PC is more than the maximum number of connections. 

A quick fix 

Usually, the internet is slow, download speed is slow, unresponsive, and generally sluggish. This happens because there are too many apps staying open in the background and it slows down your internet speed. You can speed up your internet speed by closing apps and clearing the cache.

Most of the time we are not aware of the apps that we leave running in the background. If there are children at your home make sure that you keep an eye on their laptops or tablets. If the apps keep running in the background, it keeps using internet data. The best way is to turn off the Wi-Fi on your devices when you are not using it. 

We think that if we are not using a certain app, it will not consume the internet data. This affects the performance of your internet speed. By being a little conscious about your usage, you can avoid slow internet speed issues. Apart from turning off the Wi-Fi, always check the apps that you leave running in the background and close them. 

Sit closer to your internet modem for better speed

A lot of people claim that you need to sit closer to your modem for a better internet connection. But is this true? Can you really get a faster wireless internet connection by sitting closer to the modem?

The answer is YES.

You can get a much faster internet connection if you sit closer to your modem. Your modem emits radio waves that connect to your devices when you are using the internet. The stronger the signal, the faster the internet speed. So, if you are sitting far away from it, chances are, you will get a slower internet speed due to weak signals. 

You should place your internet modem and router in a central place where most people use the internet. This will help you to get stable internet signals and you won’t face speed lag issues.

Turn your microwave off

You might think that your microwave has nothing to do with your internet speed. The reality is the opposite. Microwave omits radioactive waves that can affect the signals of your Wi-Fi and it can cause it to work slow. If you place your modem away from it, you can notice the difference. Or simply, turn off your microwave while using the internet.

Reboot your modem once in a while 

You probably don’t think about your modem and router much until something goes wrong. If you’re experiencing connection issues, there could be a number of possible explanations:

– A change in your internet service provider

– A storm or other natural disaster, changing the wireless radio environment

– An attack on the internet infrastructure, such as an attempted denial of service attack or DNS poisoning.

-A bug in your modem.

Rebooting your modem and router only takes a few minutes and can save you hours of troubleshooting time. Once you reboot your modem, it gets refreshed and it starts working fine.

Choose a suitable internet speed according to your usage 

Internet speed has become more important than ever before. As the world is moving towards being paperless, more and more work is being done on computers. Internet speed plays an important role in how fast your computer can upload or download data. If you are using your internet at work, it’s very important that you have a high-speed connection to avoid any delays or hold-ups in your productivity.

The internet speed is measured in megabytes per second. The higher the number, the faster your computer will be able to transfer data. For example, 10 Mbps means that your internet connection speed is enough for data streaming or web browsing. However, if you are working from home, taking online classes, or you play online games then you must go for 100 Mbps. 

If your internet speed is aligned with your usage or requirements, you will not face speed lags. 

Wrapping Up

If you are aware of simple steps that you can take to avoid internet speed lags, you will rarely face any internet speed issues. Try the simple aforementioned hacks or tips whenever you face internet speed issues and you will notice the difference. 

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