Easy Honey – “Calling It Off” + “Habitat”


The new album from Charleston-based band Easy Honey, Peach Fuzz impresses with a sound conjuring ’90s rock nostalgia while still feeling fresh. Album track “Calling It Off” compels with its steady, enjoyably raucous rock qualities, parts Modest Mouse and parts Replacements. Easy Honey describe the track as “the 20 something year old’s look back on youth and the time surrounding the first breakup with a love.” The “always just missing the mark,” lyric signals the injection of wordless backing vocal harmonizing, exuding a wonderfully infectious quality amidst the twangy guitars and contagious title-referencing refrain.

“Habitat” is also enjoyably representative of the album’s songwriting strengths, here led initially by lush keys. Touting a more understated initial allure, “Habitat” ushers in a grooving bass line as the one-minute mark approaches, the vocals intensifying. The guitars expand alongside soaring, psych-friendly vocals past the three-minute mark — “coming back to my habitat.” Commenting on “Habitat,” the band says it’s “a metaphor for the greener grass dilemma.. to chase the romanticized unknown, or to remain in old, familiar habitats and their consequent habits.” Both these tracks are exemplary of the high quality throughout Peach Fuzz.

Stream Peach Fuzz below:

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