Subterfuge – “The Good Good”


A melodic rocker with playful guitars and laid-back guitars exuding ’90s nostalgia, “The Good Good” is a new single from German band Subterfuge, from their upcoming album Dots. “I wanted to be good but my good wasn’t good anymore,” the vocals open, echoing the track’s lyrical focus on “self-doubt and writers block.” “I lost my license to be,” the vocals let out during the rising hook, complemented by quivering guitars and swaying rhythms. “I tried to write a song but the songs are all written before,” continues the verses’ self-doubt, even as the music exudes a melodic quality that — while familiar — certainly plays with an addictive freshness. “The Good Good” is a slice of comforting, nostalgic rock with a laid-back hooky charm.

Subterfuge formed in 1991, and recorded four studio albums between 1993 and 2005. The members remained friends throughout, and reformed about two years ago. “The Good Good” is preceded by the singles “Stephanie Said” and “The Snake Wife.”

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