The Happy Pill Academy – “Violent Runtime”

“Violent Runtime” is a unique rocker from London-based project The Happy Pill Academy, via the new album Postcards to and from a Doomed Civilisation. The release is full of ingenuity and unbridled energy, evidenced nicely by the twangy guitar textures and loose-flowing vocals throughout “Violent Runtime.” The murky initial vocals are sporadically complemented by a “woooo,” vocal effect, which plays with particular hypnotic effect into the “say I never left,” vocal emotion. The fluctuating between twangy nonchalance and expressive heights remind fondly of The National. Fans of creative rock in that ilk should certainly seek out the rest of Postcards to and from a Doomed Civilisation.

The artist’s description of the album is as follows:

POSTCARDS TO AND FROM A DOOMED CIVILISATION is a life-affirming yet soul-destroying album about a robot who goes on holiday. From a tearful farewell to disappointing sight-seeing trips, kidnapping attempts and home again(?); our intrepid mechanical protagonist is ever-hopeful that they will find meaning in a meaningless existence.”

Stream the entirety of Postcards to and from a Doomed Civilisation below:

“Violent Runtime” and other memorable tracks from November can also be streamed on the updating Obscure Sound’s ‘Best of November 2021’ Spotify playlist.

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