Midnight Flowers – ‘We All Seem Fine’ EP

Photo Credit: Sadie @GoodAesthetic

The debut EP from Philadelphia-based duo Midnight Flowers, We All Seem Fine impresses with a balanced rock sound — emphasizing hooky melodic turns amidst parts alt-rock and synth-laden dream-pop. Vocalist/keyboardist Tatiana Orr and guitarist/drummer Charles Kaericher showcase their adoration for ’80s synth-pop and ’00s indie-rock throughout, all while offering an inventive array of hooks.

Orr’s vocals show a capacity for both subdued dreaminess and anthemic rousing. The former is evident from the get-go on a highlight like “Sleep This Off,” which swells quickly from synth-forward lushness into a soaring rock jangle. The track never lets go from there, especially upon the chirpy guitar tones and caressing backing synths in the second half. “Shades of Blue” opens the EP with striking results, the pulsing bass line, ’80s synth tones, and rising guitars concocting an alt-rock fervor. Orr’s title-referencing vocal escalation entrances, as does the post-punk bass line that book-ends the section.

Stream this superb EP below:

“Shades of Blue” and other memorable tracks from December can also be streamed on the updating Obscure Sound’s ‘Best of January 2022’ Spotify playlist.

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