Mild Monk – “Midnight Disco”


A moody stunner from Mild Monk, “Midnight Disco” enthralls with its hazy guitars and hooky vocal work, lyrically conveying the beauty of self-confidence. The project, fronted by San Jose-based artist Henry Stein, makes a strong impression throughout, both melodically and atmospherically. The surf-friendly guitar glistening and “sha-la-la,” backing vocals hypnotize from the get-go, as the vocals ask “can we go out to the midnight disco?” A piano-laden bounce and lush guitar work joins alongside the “can’t we just take off for the night?” line — hooking again during the seductive “let’s dance, like the room’s on fire,” regaling. Each successive “ooh-sha-la-la,” backing vocal plays with spine-chilling effect. “Midnight Disco” mesmerizes with its mood and melodic pull.

“This song is about being comfortable with being yourself,” Stein says. “Often times before social engagements, I’ll over think every little detail instead of just going and enjoying myself. I want to encourage others to feel more free and willing to let go of expectations and “dance” without worrying about what others will think of them!”

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